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[Uruha] 麗 's Splendor

...it's not conceit, it's just vanity.

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Hello, minna san and welcome to uruha_daily. This community was made by m00n13 due to unwavering respect and admiration to this Gazeboy Uruha; the lead guitarist of Japanese rock band (visual kei) Gazette. This community was created to serve eye candy to fans and discuss about this lovely grandeur of gitaa-playing goodness, Uruha.

[-] You can post the following in this community:
*Uruha eye-candy (scans, photoshoots)
*Member-made graphics (icons, wallpapers, colorbars, colorpics, layouts, etc.)
*Media downloads (videos, mp3s, fanvids)
*Readables (interview translations, fictions, questions)

[-] Only members can post here. Note: Your posts need not be friends-locked; however, if you wish to keep passers-by and random leechers off your post, it is wise to friends-lock.
[-] Regarding taking: When taking a graphic or media download, please be sure to comment on the post. We do not want random leechers taking stuff from the community.
[-] USE AN LJ-CUT. Please. It's been around for ages.
[-] Learn to credit others. Be nice; complements are always good. ^_^
[-] No bashing of other members. We are all here to fangirl over Uru-chan. If you disagree about a certain statement, learn to be civil in saying that you disagree. We do not want offensive happenings here.
[-] Regarding posting rumors: Nothing to offensive, please.

And finally...

-I'm not a very strict mod, as you can see. However if you wish to go against the rules, I shall chase you with evil toothpicks and smash you with a banana.

Also modded by: miwa_!! *O* ♥

I pimp Uruha's fanlisting! Go join if you haven't joined yet. Uruha: Disorder Suite

Affiliate: aoi_daily ; kai_daily ; reita_daily ; ruki_daily ; elegant_uruha ; gazette_daily, reita_x_uruha

LOVE layout created by thestrangedolls.
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